Responsive Web Design Services

Internet usage on smartphones and tablets is growing by the day. There are, in a rough estimate, more than a billion of them out there. A lion’s share of internet searches, thus, is now performed on handheld devices. Their screen sizes and resolutions differ greatly. This in turn necessitates that websites be developed in a manner that their content can be browsed with ease, regardless of the device and its screen size. An apparently difficult goal, it can be attained easily with skillful responsive web design.

More about Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design or RWD is a fast evolving web designing trend which aims to develop websites optimized for devices with different resolutions and screen widths. This technology allows web designers to code the style sheets of a website in a way that it automatically customizes its layout, images, navigation and text to comfortably fit the users’ hand held device to look just as it will on laptops and desktops. RWD development eliminates the need to develop separate versions of a website for desktops and mobiles thereby saving time and money. This approach assures that your customers enjoy a seamless experience and have an ease of access to the same information virtually over multiple devices. It removes the headache of maintaining content on multiple sites and keeps your brand message and web presence consistent. Other advantages include :-

  • >> Increased reach to mobile device audiences
  • >> Increased visibility on search engines
  • >> Reduced maintenance cost and time
  • >> Increased sales and conversion rates

Why Choose Us for Responsive Web Development?

At Standardit, our highly skilled developers have been able to break a lot of fresh ground in responsive web design by applying advanced technologies like HTML5 and CSS3. Our designer's in-depth understanding of HTML5 and CSS3 assures you the best responsive web design which will look equally good across devices. We strongly believe that responsive website design is the future. Our team of designers keeps the preferences of the end users in mind and designs a website accordingly. Besides using this advanced technology in developing a site right from scratch, we can also employ it to modify an existing site and make it responsive to a variety of devices and screens. We know how to create a fully functioning and the best responsive design with the essential features - media queries, fluid grid concept and flexible images and media - to make sure that screen sizes and pixels do not obstruct your site’s performance.

Key Offerings at Standardit, a premium responsive web design company:

  • >> Analysis of current website
  • >> Implementation of responsive design
  • >> Assessment of websites compatibility across browsers and devices
  • >> Conversion of a static website into a responsive website
  • >> Better loading website