Website Design Services

Websites these days are like opinions - everyone has them - but there are a couple of questions that most business owners would do well to consider. These are: -

What makes this website stand out from the dozens (or millions, in some cases) of others in its category? In other words, does the website showcase your business’s USP and strong points in a manner that catches even the most casual visitor’s attention?

Are you making PROFIT from your website? Are you getting targeted customers that visit your website looking for precisely the sort of services you deliver, and that you are working so hard to market?

Two pretty simple questions for sure, but they hold the key to reaping success online in a very competitive market – and if you are like most business owners, you’ll be more than interested in getting that extra edge which differentiates and sets apart YOUR website from your competitors. And that, my friend, is where our website design company comes into the picture – we provide you with well designed, sleek websites that don’t just sit on the WWW – they provide the site visitor with a user friendly, easy to navigate and inviting website that will draw your customers in and allow you to optimally showcase your products and services. We are a website design company with over a decade and a half of experience in delivering professional web design services, and are confident we can enable you to provide your visitors with an exciting, interactive and memorable web experience.

So, I know what a web site is and why I need a great site, but what exactly do your website design services constitute?

Complete and custom web design (or redesign):

We design your site from scratch – all you need to do is tell us how you want the site to look, and we take care of the technology/design (be it HTML, ASP, PHP, WEB2.0 design – we do it all!).

Complete backend support:

Design/development/maintenance – we do it all for you

Preliminary business analysis:

We make sure we understand your business goals thoroughly and design your website accordingly.

Miscellaneous services

(logo design, blog/forum integration and much more)

How do we go about this, and what make us so different from the “herds” of companies offering web design services out there?

Well, simple really – we treat website design just like we would a potential business venture – except in this case it’s YOUR business that we analyze before putting a site out there. We believe that the #1 reason most businesses want a site is to make PROFIT from it, and that, more than anything else, is what we bear in mind when designing your site. Other than this, we make sure and use the latest technologies out there to ensure you get optimal “bang for your buck”. We also provide you with great customer service – we will be there right with you from the start of your project to the very end. For more on this, send us an email here, and we’ll be glad to elaborate.

Affordable Web Design Services: Rates

We understand your need to get quality, but affordable web design services. Hire Standardit, and you not only get a top notch professional web design services delivered with a smile, but you get it at highly competitive rates. That is a combination you will be hard pressed to find in any website design company – and that holds true for offshore web design companies as well.

Discuss YourProject With Us

So as you can tell, we’re serious about this stuff – we really do want to provide you with a commanding presence on the web that sets you apart from your competitors. So, what are you waiting for? Consider your search for the right website design company OVER – and contact us to take the first step towards a newer and better web presence!